The Cold War

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Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

Korsnæbsvej 60

4673 Rødvig


+45 56502806

Monday-friday, 9-14

Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

Visit the nuclear attack-proof fortress in Stevns Klint, and hear the story about one of Denmark's most secret places, which was located at the utmost frontline during The Cold War. Stevnsfort Cold War Museum is suitable for an excursion for the entire family with lots to see and experience.

During The Cold War, Stevnsfort was a secret part of the defense of Denmark and NATO. The peninsula of Stevns would have been on the absolute frontline if war had broken out between the East and the West. This is why Stevnsfort was build, and for 40 years, the staff here were ready for war around the clock.

Today, you can experience the nuclear attack-proof fortress, as it appeared when war loomed closest. Any visit to the fortress is a special experience when you join one of the museum's 20 dedicated and different guides for an exciting tour with stories about the ever-present war in unique and authentic settings.

Buy tickets for a guided tour (in Danish). And download our audioguide in English or German

Foto: Rudy Hemmingsen



On a guided tour, you will see the cannons, the other installations in the area and the underground fortress, which consists of 1.7 km passages, 18 metres below ground. The guided tour is in Danish, but you can download our audioguide, and listen as you go along.  

1½ hour – please turn up 15 min. before the tour starts. 

3 km

It may be an advantage to buy your tickets in advance. The temperature in the subterranean fortress is 10 degrees, so it is a good idea to wear a warm jumper. No dogs, pushchairs or prams are permitted on the guided tours.



You can experience the underground fortress on a guided tour, and you can walk around the large outdoor area of the fortress on your own. You can also visit the Cold War exhibition in the fortress' visitors' building and see films in the museum's cinema. For security reasons, you will not be able to walk underground on your own.



Outside the fence surrounding Stevnsfort Cold War Museum you can see one of the fortress' two cannon towers to the south. The fortress' heliport is also located outside the fence, and the ventilation shafts for the southern part of the fortress clearly stand out in the landscape. Enjoy the fantastic view across the Oresund strait or go for a walk on the 20 km footpath along Stevns Klint, which passes by Stevnsfort Cold War Museum.



You can enjoy your picnic in the grounds where there are tables, benches and shelters, and in the museum's visitors' building, you can buy coffee, soft drinks, sweets and ice cream.