In 1952 the Danish Navy began building a secret subterranean fortress on Stevns. The fortress monitored naval traffic in Øresund, and could block the passing of enemy vessels in case of a war. Stevnsfort is just one of many Cold War installations on Stevns and was active from 1956-2000. Europe and North America also built thousands of military installations. 

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Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

During The Cold War, Stevnsfort was a secret part of the defence of Denmark and NATO. Today, you can experience the fortress as it appeared when war loomed closest.

Take a guided tour through the 1.7 km of underground passages, and see the fortress' cannons and anti-aircraft battery with its radars and missiles. Visit the museum's exhibition and cinema and go for a walk in the area outside the fence. Photo: Rudy Hemmingsen

Stevnsfort Cold War Museum, Korsnæbsvej 60, DK-4673 Rødvig, Denmark

At Stevnsfort Cold War Museum, you can join a guided tour of the unique underground fortress from The Cold War. Or you can explore the surrounding area and see the exhibition and visit the cinema. Buy books, ice cream, coffee and souvenirs in the museum shop. Read more

The area belongs to Stevns Municipality. Stevnsfort Cold War Museum is a part of the Museum of East Zealand.

Stevns Klint is a piece of living nature. Landslides and rock falls may occur all year round. Accordingly, it can be dangerous to walk near the edge of the cliff, and on the beach underneath the cliff.