In 1818 one of the most modern lighthouses in Europe was built at the highest point of Stevns Klint, to guide ships through the shallow waters. During the next decades there was a massive increase of traffic through the Sound. So in 1878 a 27 meter (88.6 ft) lighthouse was built and it is still one of the most powerful lighthouses in Denmark today.

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During the Cold War Stevns was in the first line of defence of Denmark and NATO. From the observation post at Stevns Lighthouse, naval traffic in and out of The Baltic Sea was watched around the clock. And Hawk missiles with a range of 30 km. (18.6 miles) were ready to be launched from here if hostile, lowflying aircraft approached to attack Copenhagen.

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Every year millions of birds migrate past Stevns Lighthouse. In spring you can see cranes flying north and in autumn predatory birds migrating south. In the thicket along the old Cold War bunkers you may hear a nightingale or see the Rose Finch rare to Denmark. Large populations of the rare cave spider live in the bunkers from the Cold War.

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Stevns Lighthouse

At Stevns Lighthouse, you are at the highest point along Stevns Klint. Visit the two lighthouses and see remains from The Cold War when the area was a part of the air defence of Copenhagen.

During spring and autumn, you may experience impressive bird migrations. Each year, millions of birds migrate past Stevns Lighthouse. Photo: Rudy Hemmingsen

Exhibition in the old lighthouse keeper's house
See the exhibition about the history of the two lighthouses, as well as changing exhibitions about nature and culture along Stevns Klint, in the former lighthouse keeper's house.

Access to the lighthouse
The lighthouse is open. Enjoy the spectacular view.

Coastal observation hut
See the coastal observation hut by the edge of the cliff where traffic on the Oresund strait was monitored, and enjoy the fantastic view.

Food and drink
There are tables and benches in the area where you can eat your picnic.

Opening hours
The Lighthouse and the exhibition are open:
All weekdays 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

The area with the two lighthouses and the observation hut belongs to the Danish Nature Agency, which has leased it to Stevns Municipality. Stevns Municipality owns the old military area called Eskadrille 543 (Squadron 543).

Stevns Klint is a piece of living nature. Landslides and rock falls may occur all year round. Accordingly, it can be dangerous to walk near the edge of the cliff, and on the beach underneath the cliff.