Chalk has been the largest source of income from Stevns Klint. In 1834 Gjorslev Estate established a factory where the chalk was cleaned of impurities. It was then mostly sold to painters in Copenhagen. In 1872 the factory was destroyed by a huge flood and it was not rebuilt.

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Stevns Klint is a grand barrier between land and sea so you’ll only find marinas where the cliff begins and ends: by Rødvig in the south and Bøgeskov Havn in the north. In the 1860’ies fishermen built a breakwater so they could ship grain, fish and vegetables to Copenhagen. 

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Millions of migrating birds pass Stevns Klint each year. During spring and autumn Bøgeskov Havn is a good place to get a look at the many birds. When the autumn winds blows from west and northwest, predatory birds migrate by Bøgeskov Havn, and you can get a very close look at them from here.

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Bøgeskov Havn

Bøgeskov Harbour by the northern end of Stevns Klint is a small, privately owned fishing harbour and marina. Here, you can go fishing, go for a walk in Gjorslev Bøgeskov (beech wood), eat at Traktørstedet, or go for a swim to the north of the harbour.

From Bøgeskov, you can also follow the 20 km footpath, Trampestien, which starts here and ends in Rødvig.

Walk along the beach towards Holtug, but be aware that parts of the track may be difficult to pass at times of easterly winds and at high tide. You may prefer to walk along the small country roads towards Holtug. Photo: Rudy Hemmingsen

Gjorslev Bøgeskov, Bøgeskovvej, 4660 Store Heddinge, Denmark

The marina
Bøgeskov Harbour is a small fishing harbour and marina. Read more

Bøgeskov has an excellent beach, which is suitable for children. There are public toilets by the beach.

The restaurant Traktørstedet Gjorslev Bøgeskov
The nice atmosphere makes this classic restaurant a great place to eat. Read more

Start of the Trampestien footpath
The southbound Trampestien footpath along Stevns Klint starts in Bøgeskov.

Hjertestien (the Heart Path)
One of The Danish Heart Association's Heart Paths is found in Bøgeskov. The path is marked with signs.

Public transport to Bøgeskov:
On weekdays, get bus no. 253 from Køge Station to Holtug Kirke (church). From here, it is a walk of about ½ km.

Gjorslev Bøgeskov (beech wood) is owned by the Gjorslev Estate.

Stevns Klint is a piece of living nature. Landslides and rock falls may occur all year round. Accordingly, it can be dangerous to walk near the edge of the cliff, and on the beach underneath the cliff.