The Limestone Landscape as a livelihood

In the 1920’ies local residents began winning limestone here. Some of it was burnt in the two lime kilns at the edge of the quarry, and the quicklime was used to make mortar. In the 20 m (65,6 ft) tall pyramid crushed and dried limestone for farming was stored. The quarry was closed in the 1970’ies. Today cultural events are now held in the area.

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If you find the yellow Kidney Vetch, which grows here in the chalky soil, one of the smallest Danish butterflies may be nearby. The Small Blue lays her eggs in these flowers. When the caterpillars hatch, they gorge themselves on the yellow flowers and then hibernate during winter. In spring they emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies.

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Among anglers the waters around Stevns Klint is especially known for great sea trout fishing. The season begins in March  and lasts until late autumn. You can also fish garfish from late April until autumn. You may also catch a codfish. Along the shoreline professional fishermen place their pound nets, and the catch is sailed to Rødvig Marina.

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Boesdals Limestone Quarry

In the 1920s, the people of Stevns started quarrying limestone in Boesdal Limestone Quarry. You can see the remains from the time when limestone was quarried and processed in Boesdal. Quicklime was made in the two kilns at the edge of the quarry. The 20 m tall and 60 m wide pyramid in the quarry was used for storing crushed and dried limestone.

The limestone quarry was abandoned in the 1970s. Today, Boesdal Limestone Quarry is used for cultural activities, and it has shelters where you can stay overnight.

In the northern part of the limestone quarry, you can study the geology of Stevns Klint and see how the cliff's banks continue inland. If you walk around the abandoned quarry, you may be lucky enough to see one of Denmark's smallest butterflies. Photo: Rudy Hemmingsen

Boesdal Limestone Quarry, Boesdalsvej 20, DK-4673 Rødvig, Denmark

The abandoned Boesdal Limestone Quarry is an exciting recreational area with lots of possibilities.

Access to the beach
The beach can be accessed from the limestone quarry. The beach is very stony and not suitable for swimming.

Overnight stays
The limestone quarry has two shelters and a bonfire place, which can be used freely. You are also allowed to pitch a tent by the shelters. Remember to bring firewood and to clear up when you leave.

You can park above the limestone quarry. No cars, motorcycles or mopeds are allowed inside the quarry.

Public transport to Boesdal
If you want to get to Boesdal by public transport, get the train to Rødvig. From here, it is a 1.9 km walk to Boesdal.

Cultural events
The association Foreningen Boesdal organises a variety of cultural events in the limestone quarry. The limestone quarry and the pyramid can also be rented for special events. Read more

The area belongs to Stevns Municipality. Foreningen Boesdal handles administration and activities.

Stevns Klint is a piece of living nature. Landslides and rock falls may occur all year round. Accordingly, it can be dangerous to walk near the edge of the cliff, and on the beach underneath the cliff.