Plants along the cliff

The characteristic flora of the Stevns Klint can be seen in the limestone pastures at Mandehoved and at Højerup. Rare plants altso grow in Holtug Chalk Quarry.

Go Fishing

Both Boesdal LImestone Quarry and Bøgeskov Harbour are good places for fishing.

Migrating Birds

Mandehoved and Stevns Lighthouse are exelent places for observing the migrating birds of autumn and spring.


Plenty of butterflies can be seen in Boesdal Limestone Quarry and in Holtug Chalk Quarry.


Animals by the cliff

Stevns' steep, white cliffs break the clear blue water of the Baltic Sea. It is the rocky coast and the limestone that make Stevns Klint's wildlife unique. Read more

Migrating birds

When the spring and autumn bird migrations bring millions of birds to Denmark, Stevns Klint is right at the centre. The huge migration of birds of prey in the autumn in particular makes the cliff popular with bird watchers. Read more

Plants along the cliff

In the limy soil at Stevns Klint, rare, colourful and edible plants thrive. Some are beautiful, but unwanted. They all have different strategies for surviving when the seasons change. Read more