Østsjællands Museum
Rådhusvej 2
DK-4640 Faxe
+45 56 50 28 06
Monday-Friday from 9:00 am -2:00 pm.  

About Us

The Museum of East Zealand is a government-approved museum, which works with modern times' cultural history and geology. The Limestone Landscape is our main theme, which includes the natural and cultural history that relates to the area where limestone is found just beneath the surface. Within this theme, the Cold War fortress Stevnsfort, which has been dug out in the limestone below ground, holds a prominent place.

The museum collects, registers, preserves, researches and communicates within the subject-related and geographic delimitation contained in the Danish Museum Act's Section 15.


The Museum of East Zealand is an independent institution. The museum receives fixed operating subsidies from Stevns and Faxe Municipalities and from the Danish government.


The Museum of East Zealand runs the following exhibitions:

  • Stevnsfort Cold War Museum
  • Geomuseum Faxe


Area of responsibility

The Museum of East Zealand is responsible for modern times' cultural history within Stevns and Faxe Municipalities and holds geological responsibility for Stevns, Faxe, Vordingborg, Køge, Greve and Solrød Municipalities.

Collection, research and communication take place within the museum's geographical, time-related and subject-related delimitation. The museum's collection is concentrated on the Limestone Landscape's geology and cultural history, including the Cold War fortress Stevnsfort.